Victoria T

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I knew it was time when...

My partner took a picture of me and my son on holiday.

My Anytime Story

Before I had my son I was always an active slim person. During the last stages of pregnancy I gained a lot of weight but always believed I would lose it soon after I gave birth. I saw many other mothers who after a few weeks had done this easily. However 6 months on, to my dismay I had gained weight. So I refocused, mainly so I was a role model to my little boy, to show him through determination that anything can be achieved. I have also applied for a new job role which is very physically demanding so I knew I had to be in shape. With my competitive nature I didn’t want to go and just do enough I wanted to smash my targets.

My Results

Since joining Anytime Fitness I have lost 3kg of weight, but the best bit is I’ve lost an inch off my body. I can now reach my target job requirements and knowing I can only get stronger and faster. The team are very friendly and it’s nice to have a welcoming face; there are times I’m so tired running after my little man so just spurs me on. It’s also nice to see the same faces when I’m working out and to see everyone helps each other.

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  1. Victoria T

    Clare F

    Thanks for the story. I'm sure so many members can associate with this one. Great work Victoria.
  2. Victoria T

    Atf rugby R

    You're so inspirational Victoria, to your little boy and to us! In just 3 months you've come so far, we all are really proud of how far you've come along!
  3. Victoria T

    Danny K

    Good Job Victoria! You made it.

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