Tamara P

Life Milestone
I knew it was time when...

I spotted my childhood sweetheart!

My Anytime Story

I had already been a member with Anytime Fitness Colchester for 3.5 years and one day, I was having my PT session & I spotted a familiar face across the gym, from, get this, around 30 years ago. I had to check with the team to make sure it was who I thought it was, and it was - my fiance from when i was 19 years old. Unfortunately during those 30 years we had both suffered unsuccessful marriages. Bob obviously spotted me in the gym too, and one day he passed his phone number onto the Club Manager to pass onto me and since then we have not looked back. It is like those years apart never happened between us and we could not be happier together.

My Results

I was reunited with the love of my life! Bob and I are such dedicated gym goers and have both been members of Anytime Fitness Colchester for many years between us and we can't believe it took so long to finally find each other in the same club. Thankfully we both love training together and with our families, so since those phone numbers were exchanged we have really encouraged each other and become the couple who train together, stay together.

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  1. Tamara P

    Clare F

    WOW, An Anytime Fitness love story. Amazing coincidence

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