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I knew it was time when...

I became very self-aware that my Epilepsy needed more than medication, so I changed...

My Anytime Story

I joined "Anytime Fitness" in 14/01/2017 for the New Year. A year before I was not doing myself any favours, eating junk food and processed foods. Now, I eat plenty of greens, fruits and my meat, fish and poultry as fresh as I can get them. This led to me vastly reducing the amount of fits I had to maybe a few a month, rather than day as now I get clean nutrients everyday. My family were so proud I went from nearly 14 stone to 11' 8. They got me PT sessions at Anytime Fitness so now my body, healthy lifestyle and overall attitude is far greater than before.

My Results

Now I can go to the gym early, midday, late night and get my rest in after a hardcore workout or draining cardio trek. Bottom line, I prefer myself and the way my health is now. All because I had a simple change of heart, not staying up all hours and eating junk food, ultimately abusing my body. Now I can shape it over time the way I want it.

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