Michael P

I knew it was time when...

I was diagnosed with Diabetes and blood clots on my lungs.

My Anytime Story

My story began with me waking up after 7 hours in a pool of my own blood where I had collapsed and cracked my head open on the tiled floor. I was able to get to a phone and call for an ambulance which rushed me to hospital. After numerous tests and examinations I was diagnosed with Diabetes and blood clots on my lungs. My GP recommended I join a gym to lose weight and improve my respiratory health, that's when I joined Anytime Fitness. Slowly but surely I have been able to turn my life around with regular weight and cardio sessions, all fully supported by the friendly staff at my local Anytime Fitness.

My Results

Since joining the gym I have lost 2 stone. My latest trip to the GP was also a positive one. Due to a dramatic improvement in my respiratory health I was taken off all 3 of the inhalers I was previously using. I also had part of my diabetes mediation stopped, which was great news for me as I had heard this particular medication made losing weight a lot harder. I am really enjoying going to the gym and am there nearly every day of the week. There's no stopping me now.

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  1. Michael P

    Keep it going Mike. Great work.
  2. Michael P

    Inspirational Mike keep up the good work :)
  3. Michael P

    Mike you're an absolute inspiration to others. Keep up the good work! Ben :-)
  4. Michael P

    Ruth H

    Amazing story Mike. Horrible to have a health scare like that but great to hear how much you've improved by working out. Health and fitness is better than drugs.
  5. Michael P

    Jasmine P

    You have done amazingly Michael! Keep it up :) Your motivation and determination is a an inspiration!
  6. Michael P

    David P

    What an incredible story. Not only transforming your life but also a huge difference to your health. Keep up the great work.
  7. Michael P

    Amy L

    Keep up the great work Mike! Turning your health around is all down to you - sheer grit and determination :-)
  8. Michael P

    What a story Mike! Fair play for tackling this head on! Amazing effort!
  9. Michael P

    Mike this is just amazing! Must have been a scary experience but to overcome it like you have is inspirational! Well done!
  10. Michael P

    Aaron A

    Nice work! Keep it up mate!
  11. Michael P

    Abby T

    This is so inspiring to have such motivation after such a scare! Well done Michael!
  12. Michael P

    Dale S

    This is awesome mate! A great story and a great result!
  13. Michael P

    Gary C

    True evidence of a lifestyle change and how it can make an impact. Seriously well done Milke!
  14. Michael P

    Claire C

    Really inspirational story mike! Keep it up!
  15. Michael P

    Matt K

    fairplay mate keep going you're doing great .
  16. Michael P

    Sarah S

    wow this is amazing more people need to have the same motivation as you mike it's great that you've turned your life around !!!
  17. Michael P

    Charlotte G

    Awesome mike, keep it up mate .
  18. Michael P

    Kim G

    I love reading these stories they make me motivated when i want to be lazy but seeing mike found the motivation not just for himself but to improve his life is great .
  19. Michael P

    Linda M

    wow this is so eye opening !!!!
  20. Michael P

    Graham M

    This is great i truly respect you mike for all that you have done already and for continuing your journey to a healthier lifestyle .
  21. Michael P

    Kelly B

    keep up the good work !
  22. Michael P

    Patrick E

    well done mate i take my hat off to you , great job.
  23. Michael P

    Yasmin W

    this is absolutely amazing mike !!
  24. Michael P

    Billy V

    Fairplay man this is great, good for you .
  25. Michael P

    Dafydd R

    good on you mate keep going .
  26. Michael P

    Katie C

    amazing keep going :D
  27. Michael P

    Andrea S

    Well done Mike you have worked so hard and deserve it!

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