Lucy M

Manchester (Piccadilly)
Medical Weight loss
I knew it was time when...

When my lifestyle had caused me to be obese at 19 + doctors warned me of medical concerns

My Anytime Story

I developed gallstones due to my unhealthy diet and lifestyle and at this time I was over 15 stone. Doctors warned me that I shouldn't have these issues at my age and my lifestyle needed to change. I accepted this and began my journey. Firstly by adapting my eating regime. Incorporating new foods and cooking styles in order to achieve a healthy, balanced, yet still adventurous diet plan. I then decided to join anytime fitness to support my weight loss. It was the first time I had ever become a gym member, I was terrified to say the least but with the help of Katie and the other members I now feel comfortable and excited to visit 5x a week.

My Results

Since beginning my weight loss journey I have managed to lose over 4 stone and am still going! I have never felt healthier, more alert, flexible, energetic and confident. My health is no longer of any concern and I wouldn't have been able to get this far without the help of Anytime Fitness and the wonderful staff, classes, equipment and members that they have there. I will continue to regularly workout with AT to continue and maintain my weight loss because I know I can do it with their support!

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  1. Lucy M
    Well done amazing keep up the phenomenal work

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