Louis D

Welwyn Garden City
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I knew it was time when...

I knew it was time when January 1st hit and the scales hit 15st 5lb!

My Anytime Story

I joined anytime because I'd signed up for a half marathon. I've always been at gyms but this one just seemed different! The motivation I got from this gym seemed to spur me on more and more. That motivation wasn't necessarily from people, but the general atmosphere of anytime. I was overweight and hit an all time low of my general fitness, even 10 minutes running would kill me! It was time to make a change!

My Results

After training 5 days a week In 2 months I managed to go from running for 10 minutes and being shattered to completing the bath half marathon in 2 hours and 3 minutes! And what a feeling it was! I've carried on all types of training since and have now lost just over 2 stone in 6 months, whilst gaining considerable amounts of muscle. Not only that, It's changed my whole lifestyle, I'm a more motivated, hardworking person then ever before and the thought of exercising now excites me! Which makes a change from that dreaded feeling I used to get.

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