Gemma C

I knew it was time when...

When I cried at photos of myself

My Anytime Story

I'd been slowly gaining weight over the last few years. The clothes were getting tighter, but I’d kid myself it wasn’t noticeable. I’d had a couple of chest infections and knew I had to give up smoking but I just couldn’t be bothered. Then one evening we went out for a family meal. A photo was taken of me and there was no hiding the truth... I was over weight and unfit… Enter Anytime Fitness.. with the help of the PT and his training plan, within week’s I was noticing the difference. 12 months later I am in the gym morning and night. I love fitness and I can’t remember ever being so happy and full of energy!

My Results

I can not believe that I, along with several of my fellow gym buddies have entered the Bristol ‘Rough Runner’2017. It's 10k and 15 obstacles! This time last year I’d of thought anyone thinking about doing it was crazy. Now I’m one of the crazy ones! I never thought it would be possible!

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