Emma W

London (Barnet)
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I knew it was time when...

It started back in July 15 after returning from living abroad for 8 years.

My Anytime Story

I decided to do something about the weight. So I joined Slimming World in July and by August I was a member of Anytime in Barnet. I worked hard to lose 3 stone and I did and also became Miss Slinky 2015 with Slimming World. So I have to thank the staff and my family for this. I'm still a member of both clubs and will continue to work at it. By the way I'm still 3 stone lighter.

My Results

Got to losing 3 stone by using the gym and a member of slimming world.

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  1. Emma W
    I'm also Women of the year with Slimming world :)
  2. Emma W

    Clare F

    WOW! Well done Emma. Great story and an inspiration
  3. Emma W

    Ruth H

    Hey great story Emma. 3 stone is amazing.
  4. Emma W

    Tom N

    Well done Emma. :D

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