Christopher W

Life Milestone
I knew it was time when...

I attempted suicide and was depressed. I needed to make a change and turn my life round for my kids

My Anytime Story

For the last two years I had lot happen in my life from relationship breakdown, which led to me losing my dream job as a farmer and having to fight for custody of my kids. All this took it's toll on myself and body to the point where I tried to take my own life; I had hit rock bottom and I felt like I had lost everything and it was easier to overdose on tablets than keep feeling the way I did. I received the help I needed, My doctor put on anti depressants and received the support of my family. As my mood improved I started to make changes in my life from seeing my kids on a weekly basics to now having the gym as my hobby. I have a tattoo on my arm that reminds me were I have come from.

My Results

The Anytime Fitness Stroud gym drives me to challenge myself, and with the help of Jordon I have been able keep my mind focused forward with my Iife. I've started seeing a difference in my body and I feel positive in myself. Aiming to tone and improve strength from being 9 and a half stone, to now being 11 stone showing definition in all the right places. I'm improving each time I have a PT session with Jordon Fletcher. Today the 11th April 2018, I managed to leg press 110kg. For someone my size that's massive in my eyes.

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  1. Christopher W

    Clare F

    Thanks for sharing you story. Keep up the good work - massive in our eyes too.
  2. Christopher W
    Thank you really means lot to have positive feedback.

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