Carl H

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I knew it was time when...

I had gained 2 stone

My Anytime Story

I joined because I wanted to lose 2 stone and also socialise in the daytime as I was struggling to get work in the day time. Then I realised no one in had set a world record for wheelchair chin ups so I have been training to do that. The staff and my 3 gym friends have helped and supported me

My Results

Learning to swim and learning to play guitar at the age of four. Raising money for charities with swimming and a ten mile charity challenge when I was 10. First wheelchair user to abseil off Symonds Yat when I was 12 apparently Pot holing when I was 12 and canoeing. Surviving septacemia twice. Starting Martial arts in 2003. Becoming the first wheelchair user in Britain to become a freestyle kickboxing instructor 2006. Becoming the 2nd wheelchair user in Europe to pass my 2nd degree black belt in free style martial arts. Meet and train with Richard Bustillo, student of Bruce Lee. Winning Martial Arts Hall of fame 2017. And other martial arts awards.

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  1. Carl H

    Clare F

    Fantastic achievements. Good luck with the world record
  2. Carl H

    Atf rugby R

    You're amazing Carl, it's a pleasure to have such a inspirational character in our club!

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