Caity M

Athletic achievement Weight loss
I knew it was time when...

I realised it had been over a year since I’d tended to my fitness...and it showed!

My Anytime Story

I decided to join Anytime Fitness mainly because of how many different branches are accessible across the UK and the world. I travel for work, so this was very important to me. It was hard work getting started again from scratch, but I was determined. My main motivation has been other people and their journeys - mostly people I follow online. Seeing their progress helped fuel my own desire to improve my general appearance and mental and physical wellbeing. I’ve also changed my diet and am careful to eat wisely, but still enjoy my life which has always revolved around good food with friends. I’ve loved the first six months, bring on the next.

My Results

I have noticed a definite change in my appearance, especially my upper body. I have more tone and definition, and I feel stronger. My shape has changed and I am more toned around my abdomen where I’ve lost a fair bit of extra weight. My mental health has vastly improved now that I am making the time to do this for me and have goals to concentrate on achieving.

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