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I knew it was time when...

I felt my life and future slipping out of my control

My Anytime Story

My fitness journey started when I was around 14. An overweight teenager, that had just been told he was now medically classified as obese. I decided to start at my local gym, and after years of training I managed to shed over 5 stone! Just before my 23rd birthday I started having odd symptoms. After months of tests I was told that I had MS. The years following were hard, blurred vision, extreme fatigue, and a loss of strength in my legs, made my gym sessions unbearable, and I felt like i was going backwards. I was almost ready to give up entirely.

My Results

After months of unbearable symptoms, I decided take back control of my life. I implemented a strict diet and exercise routine. After a few weeks, and a lot of dedication, my symptoms started to improve, I felt more positive, and I began regaining my strength. While I’ll never be cured of MS, sticking to my diet and exercise routine has allowed me to continue thriving, and helped me regain control. It made such a big difference to me, that I started my own blog and social media accounts to try and encourage other people in my situation to get involved with proper nutrition and exercise.

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  1. Alex S

    Clare F

    Amazing what changing your diet can do. Fantastic. Inspiration journey.
  2. Alex S

    Atf rugby R

    Awesome work Alex! Matt over at Rushden has told us all about you, you've done amazingly!!

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